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    WE ARE A FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD Coffee bar and kitchen. Seasonal, homemade lunches using quality, often local produce. Family oriented.



    We didn’t like the idea of being called "Spoon".

    Sat in a dimly lit room above a pub with a few friends, we (Howard & Candice) were trying to concoct a name that would stick; something unique. But we wanted to avoid being called something arbitrary tired or clichéd. We were going round in circles. Someone, said “why don’t you use a name?”. Great idea, except Sweasey & Stevenson doesn’t really have the right ring to it. We settled on Aston & Magill, as there is a story there, Aston being Howard’s mum's middle name, and Magill Candice’s maiden name. We liked keeping the family connection, that was that, now all we needed was a shop.

    Work for food not for money.

    Aston & Magill was born half out of circumstance, half out of following a pipe dream and an attitude of “why the hell not”. Howard felt his career in the city had reached a plateau and wanted to have a shot at doing something that he loved. Something with food perhaps. Have his cake and eat it, work, and love life, now that’s a crazy idea. Candice had already found a place. Being out of work for a while and raising kids, now was the time to get back to work, but not to the grind of the old job, something new and exciting. Howard and Candice being old friends, they knew each other well and decided to go into business.

    When the time was right for Howard that was that. April - hand in notice, May - leave the job, June - start building a business. The question now was how to run a successful kitchen and cafe with the experience of a 15 year old boy who worked in a furniture shop cafe in Macclesfield. September 2010 - open, learn as you go and worry about the rest later.

    Eggs were a hurdle.